mid-20th century roseville chase

altertations & additions
Our clients showed us through their mid-20th century house set in Roseville Chase with bushland views out towards the valley. The majority of their house had served them well throughout the years, but they required a few alterations to suit living in their home for the future years to come.Haviland Architects reconfigured the existing ground floor plan into more open and useable spaces by removing a wall as well as swapping dining and sitting rooms. The tight spiral staircase down to the lower ground floor was replaced with a new, more spacious staircase. Our team also modernised several interior spaces including joinery and fixtures in keeping with the mid-20th century architectural style of the house.The design was approved via the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) process. CDC is often referred to as a fast-tracked approval process. If a proposal fully meets specific development standards, it can be assessed through a CDC without the need for the potentially lengthy process of a Council approval or the requirement to notify neighbours of the design. The extent of documentation for CDC is greater than the documentation required for a Development Application (DA) as it encompasses both development and construction detailing.Alterations to the existing house included renovations to the main entry as well as existing ground floor bathroom and powder room. New windows were designed with sizing and proportions consistent with the style of the existing mid-20th century house. Remedial works were also completed to the existing modern butterfly roof.