The design and building process is becoming ever more complex. Generally, most of our projects will follow the same development stages, which are:

Schematic design & development

Contract documentation

Contract administration

An estimate of costs for each stage of a project will be provided for a client to approve before any work on that stage commences.

schematic design & development

Before a project begins, it is important to have a clear, written brief which will be the basis from which the design will evolve and against which design alternatives or options will be tested.  The brief should establish the requirements that must be met, the requirements that are desirable and the requirements that are optional.

In addition to the brief, it is also important that a client’s overall budget is discussed at an early stage, so that the design can be tailored to any budget limitations.

Once we have established the client’s design brief, budget and any other site-specific or local Council requirements, the schematic design process begins:

  • A development assessment report of Council planning controls (as they relate to the site) is produced.
  • A site inspection and detailed site measure (if required) are undertaken.
  • Manually drawn sketch plans are prepared and presented for discussion and feedback.
  • Sketch plans are then further evolved and developed against the client’s brief until final sketch plans and an opinion of probable cost are presented for approval.

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