development application or complying development certificate

Most projects will require development approval. This can be achieved via a Development Application (DA) through the local Council Authority or by a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) through the local Council or a private certifying authority (PCA).


  • The final agreed sketch plans from schematic design stage are further developed and a set of Development Application documents are produced in a CAD format.
  • These documents include – site, floor and roof plans, elevations and sections.
  • Supporting documentation may include – site analysis, statement of environmental effects, shadow diagrams, stormwater concept diagrams, BASIX – building sustainability reports, heritage reports, bushfire assessment reports, floor space ratio, landscaped and impervious area calculation plans and Clause 4.6 objections – as may be required by Council.
  • The Project Architect will determine the specific information necessary for each project.
  • Other specialist consultants may be required, such as surveyors, geotechnical engineers, bushfire consultants, landscape architects, civil and hydraulic engineers, heritage consultants and planning consultants. This is dependent on the site constraints, the locality and relevant planning controls.


  • There is additional documentation required for a CDC which may include: demolition plan and report, erosion and sediment control plan, specification, structural drawings and engineer’s structural certificate, CDC compliance statement, estimated cost of works, required permits, certificate of title and BCA Part J compliance statement.

construction certificate

  • Following development consent, the Councils’ conditions of consent are reviewed and we identify any additional information required for Construction Certificate documentation.
  • Construction certification may be sought through the local Council or a principal certifying authority (PCA). We help co-ordinate the client engagement of this consultant.
  • Basic detailing of construction drawings and co-ordination of relevant consultants is done at this stage.
  • The Construction Certificate is the final approval required prior to commencing construction.


  • Prior to this stage the architectural drawings are generic, at 1:100 scale, and insufficient for the builder to be able to determine the full scope, detail and quality of the project. During tender documentation, more detailed construction information is therefore produced and collated.
  • A tender documentation package will include details such as wall sections, kitchen and bathroom layouts, joinery details (if applicable), electrical and lighting layouts and a detailed written specification, including schedules of finishes, fittings and appliances, etc.
  • Calling of tenders can then begin and on your behalf we issue tender packages to shortlisted builders to price the building works. Following this, prices are received and tender negotiations can commence with the builders. Eventually, the contract will be awarded to the successful builder.

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